Small Businesses Need Technology

We know that small businesses today rely on technology in order to stay competitive. Without it, businesses fall behind and get eaten up by those who are utilizing technology to improve productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, profits.

At Expert Computers, we know it's chaotic out there in the technology universe, and that's why we've pooled together great technicians with innovative ideas in order to bring you the best possible technology solutions your business can find.

3 things every business needs:

  1. Email
  2. Shared documents & files
  3. A presence on the web

All of these can be accomplished with a server solutions from Expert Computers. Specializing in Microsoft's Small Business Server and Apple's Mac OS X Leopard Server platforms, we can develop a custom server solution for your business that allows you tap potential you never knew you had.


How a Server Will Benefit Your Business

1. Central location to store files and documents
An internal server allows your employees to stay better connected with each other. By collecting all files in one location, employees will spend less time searching for documents and more time being productive.

2. Employee Collaboration (Shared Calendars, Tasks, Projects, and Contacts)
Server solutions allow your employees to easily share calendar information, send appointment invites, maintain a single contact database, and better integrate communication methods. Be able to schedule a meeting by instantly checking everyone's schedule, and immediately create and send the meeting invites.

3. Desktop Synchronization / Profiles
Access your "My Documents" folder from any computer on your company's network, and have all your documents easily and securely synchronized with your user profile hosted on the server. Never have to worry about your files being left on a computer elsewhere again.

4. Remote Access
Access your email, files, and even control your computer from anywhere with broadband access. Remote Web Workplace from Microsoft Small Business Server allows you to access your company's network, your documents, your email, and even your computer while you're away from the office. Never be across town without that important file again.

5. Recurring Backups
Expert Computers specializes in implementing custom backup solutions so that all the vital data on your server stays safe and secure in the event of extraordinary loss. This means that should the worst happen, your data can be easily retrieved and restored to your server and individual systems.


If you'd like to find out more about how a server will benefit your business, please give our office a call @ (678) 688-3240, or email us @ and one of our server specialists will contact you as soon as possible!


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