Opening a business?

One of the biggest causes of computer and internet failure is the improper installation and implementation of network cabling, hardware, and infrastructure. By consulting with Experts before you move into your office or building, we can help make sure your network is properly built from the group up so that future network-related problems are minimal for your business.

We offer a full-range of custom network solutions and will design a network implementation strategy that will best equip your business with the resources it needs to run smoothly. Our offerings include:

  • Broadband Internet Installation & Setup
  • Digital Phone Systems
  • VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
  • Content Filtering
  • Bandwidth Management
  • VPN (Remote Office Connections)
  • Network Virus & Spyware Management
  • Cabling
  • Small Business Server Solutions


Preventative Network Maintenance

By implementing a system that constantly monitors your network activity and traffic, we can help prevent future network downtime from taking place. This preventive maintenance plan helps cut costs for your company by implementing a flat-fee, monthly approach to billing that helps your business budget its cash. Click here to find out more about how Expert Helpdesk can help your business be successful.

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