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Introduction to Expert Helpdesk

Expert Helpdesk is our proactive solution that provides unlimited technical support for your company's entire technology infrastructure. Computer and network downtime can cost your company thousands in lost revenue. We work hard around the clock to not only fix technology disasters, but prevent them from occuring in the first place.

Expert Helpdesk allows us to monitor the health and performance of your server, workstations, and network from our office, all while maintaining your company's privacy and security. We understand the value of technology to your business, and our goal is to make sure your business is keeps running smoothly.

Using a flat-fee approach to billing, your company will never pay a huge IT bill again. All of the benefits of Expert Helpdesk, including unlimited technical, remote, and on-site support, are yours for one flat monthly fee.

Why Expert Helpdesk?

Your business's computers and network need regular monitoring and maintenance to perform at their optimum level. Slow computers and network infrastructure lead to decrease employee productivity and broken communication paths. When your computers and/or network go down, users will need support to get them back up and running. Your business's administrators also need experienced help when planning IT budgets and growth strategies.

Computer and network failure are inevitable. Who will you call when yours goes down?

Benefits of Expert Helpdesk

Your In-House IT Manager Expert Helpdesk Staff
  • Single person that only knows what he or she has personally experienced.

  • May be out of work for weeks at a time forcing you to hire someone in the interim.

  • Unless you purchase expensive monitoring software, he/she is doing all maintenance manually and providing no real time monitoring.

  • A full-time IT manager’s salary starts at about $40,000. Most make much more than that.
  • Team of Certified Professionals with over 40 years combined experience. Expert Computers is a clearinghouse for best IT practices because we work with a wide variety of clients. We know what works.

  • Never sick or on vacation—working for you 24/7 to maintain your systems.

  • Sophisticated software to proactively monitor, manage, and maintain your systems. Ability to predict some failures before they occur.
  • Helpdesk services cost a fraction of the salary you would pay a single full time IT person, but you get the experience, people, and technology know-how of a whole company!



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