Technology trouble?

Expert OnCall 40 years of combined technology experience to your disposal. Our technicians boast a wide variety of certifications and are specially trained to find the most efficient solution to your problems.

By having one of our technicians visit your location, we can best diagnose your technology-related issues and develop a plan to implement the cure. No matter what technology problem your business is experiencing, from complete hardware failure to simple printing issues, our team can help.

To set up an appointment with an Expert OnCall staff member, please call our office @ (678) 688-3240, or email us at

Need Help Right Now?

Expert OnCall Remote Assistance allows us to remotely control your computer and fix some issues while you watch. Using a broadband internet connection and special software, we can gain instant access to your computer so that we can immediately start diagnosing your problem.

Types of problems we can solve over a remote connection include: virus & spyware management, hardware driver issues, printer issues, email problems, software conflicts, and more.

Remote Assistance requires a high-speed, broadband connection to the internet. While Remote Assistance can't solve every computer problem, it does provide a quick response time when you need it most. Also, to receive unlimited Remote Assistance from Expert Computers, please read more about Expert Helpdesk.

To request an Expert OnCall Remote Assistance session, call our office @ (678) 688-3240.


For Business Customers

We realize how unpredictable computer and network problems can be. We also realize the importance of cash management in a small business, and how hard it can be to predict and budget IT costs. We have developed a solution that provides you will all the benefits of a full-service IT department, all for a flat, monthly rate tailored to the needs of your business.

To learn more about how Expert Computers really can substitute for a full IT department, click here to learn more about Expert Helpdesk.



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