The Expert Customer Portal gives an overview of your company's service tickets. Here you can add new service tickets, view the status on submitted service tickets, review the solutions of previous service tickets, and access previous invoices.

Note: Depending on permissions granted by your company's administrator, you may or may not be able to access all features of the Expert Customer Portal. If you believe you should be able to access these functions, please contact your company's Helpdesk administrator for more information.

How to Guides:


Making sure the Helpdesk Client is installed on your PC
The Helpdesk Client is a software program that runs in the background on your PC and alerts us whenever your machine experiences a problem. It actively monitors your hardware, and provides us with information about your machine. The Helpdesk client must be installed and active in order to ensure the best quality support from Expert Computers.

To determine if the Helpdesk Client installed and active on your machine:
If the Helpdesk Client is installed and active on your machine, you should see the small red X icon in your System Tray next to the clock in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. If you see this icon, please skip ahead to the What is a Service Ticket? section of this tutorial.

If the Helpdesk Client is installed on your machine, but is not actively communicating with our server, then you will see the "grayed out" X icon below. If you see this icon, please email us at

Note: You may have to expand your system tray by clicking on the left-pointing arrow in the image above in order to see the X icon.

If the Helpdesk Client is not on your machine, then please download and install the client by clicking here, then following the installation instructions.

Once the Helpdesk Client is installed and active on your machine, please proceed to the next section.


What is a Service Ticket?
A Service Ticket provides us with the details of a problem you are having with your computer, your network, your server, or any other piece of hardware or software that is covered by your company's Helpdesk agreement. We use a comprehensive program to handle service tickets that alerts support staff whenever you submit a new ticket, and assists with scheduling your request in order to ensure a fast, reliable solution.


How to submit an informative, detailed Service Ticket
Whenever you discover a problem, the best way to get fast and reliable support from Expert Computers is to submit a detailed, informative Service Ticket. When you submit a new ticket, our system will notify the support staff most capable of finding a solution to your problem based on the information you have submitted.

To add a new service ticket, go to the Expert Customer Portal by clicking on the green "Customer Portal" button on the Helpdesk home page. Login with your username and password.

Below is a screen capture of the Service Entry window in the Customer Portal:

  1. Click the "Service Ticket" button in the top toolbar to access the Add New Service Ticket screen.
  2. Verify your contact information, paying especially close attention to your name, phone number, and email address as these are our main methods of communication.
  3. Enter a brief summary of your problem that includes the main issue.
  4. Enter a detailed description of your problem. It is very important that you include as much information as possible so that we can provide a fast response to your ticket. Please include any error messages you have seen recently, recent power outages or failures, recent hardware you have installed, and any other information you can provide. It is much better to provide too much information rather than too little.
  5. Once your have finished your service ticket, check back over it to make sure there aren't any mistakes, then click the "Save Changes" button above your contact information. Our support staff will be immediately notified and you should receive a response within the hour.


How to Review Previous Tickets
Reviewing previous tickets allows you to check on the status of service tickets that you have submitted, as well as add more information to the problem, and add a resolution if you discover information that helps lead to a fix.

To review the list of active service tickets, login to the Expert Customer Portal and click "Company Entries" in the toolbar across the top. As you discover more information that might help us solve your problem, please return to the ticket through the customer portal and add to the problem description.

Note: Be sure to click the "Save Changes" button under the top toolbar when you finish adding to your service ticket to ensure that we are notified of your change.


How to Review Invoices
To review invoices, click the "Invoice Search" button on the top toolbar. Use this tool to search through prior invoices that have been completed. As a service ticket is completed and billed, it will be moved from the "Company Entries" section to here. If you have questions about any of your invoices, please call our office at (678) 688-3240.



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